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Back of House Director

Apply by October 6, 2019 to be considered.

-    Responsible for all back of house and production side logistics and operations.
-    Includes pre-event and day-of-event management, direction and liaison with vendors providing services for lighting, stage design, microphones, speakers, projectors, screens, photographer(s), videographer(s), and any other production-related individuals as needed.
-    Responsible for coordinating and managing the set-up, equipment testing and dry run of presentations / performances the day before the event on Thursday Dec 12th, 2019.
-    Ensure that a large TEDxMcMasterU sign to be placed on the stage is picked up and returned to McMaster University library after the event.
-    Train & manage back of house volunteers assisting with technical needs and/or talent management on event day as required.
-    Supervise vendors during set-up and tear down of equipment. Work with volunteers to ensure auditorium is emptied of all extraneous equipment post-event to meet building administrator standards.
-    Coordinate with all talent that will be presenting or performing on event day, including speakers, emcee, artists/musicians/dancers (if any), and any other presenters.
-    Responsible for ensuring that requirements requested by talent are met, tested in advance and fulfilled. 
-    Train talent on how to use microphones and presentation technology.
-    Responsible for ensuring all PowerPoint / Keynote decks, audio and/or video files are received on a timely basis and collated for a smooth production on event day.
-    Collaborate and assist videographer with any items they may require for post-production and editing of TED Talks.
-    Ensure photographers and videographers submit final work on a timely basis so materials can be submitted to the TED organization after the event is over. All talks will be posted by TED to All photos will need to be published to Flickr under a creative commons license.

Position Requirements
-    Candidates with technical experience related to event production will be highly considered.
-    Strong proficiency in Mac / PC, Keynote, PowerPoint and able to troubleshoot technical issues to ensure smooth delivery.
-    Talent management experience is a plus.
-    Demonstrated maturity and positive attitude.
-    Strong organizational skills and desire to put on a successful event.
-    Strong verbal and written communication skills.
-    Friendly, approachable, and collaborative personality.

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