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Theme: Legacy

Hamilton, Ontario
February 11, 2023

Theme Reveal: LEGACY

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Jessica Weiss

Happiness: It's an Inside Job

How can we actually get happier? Are there things that we can do to put us on a path to happiness? Is it even possible, yes, it is - it's all about practicing the right habits.

Shalicia Harris

Build a Financial Foundation with the 5 Key Pillars

Where the heck is my money going? That's the question that kicked off Shalicia's financial journey that led her to developing the 5 Key Pillars of personal finances.

Alex Leonard

Humans and Elephants

As a tourist, Alex was unaware of the unintended consequences of his travels for elephant tourism until it was too late. He reveals the importance of why seeing wildlife while abroad or while at home is important but presents a view on how it can be done sustainably.

Nick Petrella

Save the Life of a Man You Love - MENtal Wellness

An open and vulnerable discussion of a battle with Mental Illness and Suicide. Nick takes you on a journey of resilience, survival and what he has learned from his highs and his lows while he builds a legacy of empathy, compassion and saving the life of someone you love.

Laura Roy

Eternal Life Achieved: The inspiring legacies of 4 Ancient Egyptians

To live forever. An impossible dream? The ancient Egyptians believed it was possible and created a complex religion and monuments of awe-inspiring scale and magnificence to make it a reality. 

Krista Carvin

Neurodiversity: All minds deserve love equally

Early pandemic, Krista Carvin, a Registered Social Worker, practiced in the Emergency Department, and as a Psychotherapist… at the same time. A pattern emerged in the stories she heard and she was moved to follow her curiosity. Krista's life story was forever changed by a diagnosis, a movement, and the courage to love her brain.

Jeff Joslin

The Joslin Legacy - Passing of the Torch

Carrying on a martial arts family legacy can be a tough challenge. At times it may seem impossible but with hard work, passion and determination great things can happen and countless lives can be impacted in positive ways throughout the process.

Emily Nichols

What if we didn't have to be "one of the guys"?

She’s an engineer who loved working in factories, but she didn’t always love being ‘one of the guys’. Authentic and entertaining, Emily Nichols reminds us that words become habits, language evolves, and we control them both. She shines a light on language that limits our thinking and invites us all to deliberately choose our own words.

Fatima Babakura

My Authentic Self

In Fatima Babakura’s talk she narrates how being her authentic self has helped her achieve success in a world that celebrates conformity.

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