Apply by October 13, 2019 to be considered.

Multiple candidates may be accepted to increase coverage.

-    Responsible for capturing each presenters performance on event-day, including editing and post-production in the style of TED Talks. See samples here.
-    Several videographers may be required to collaborate together in order to capture different angles of the presenter, and have footage stitched together in post-production.
-    Ensure that all videos are edited and uploaded in a timely manner as they need to be transmitted to the TED organization post-event. 
-    All talks will be posted by TED to their YouTube channel.
-    If there are multiple videographers, secondary videographers may capture the day’s excitement and details by interviewing and/or collecting footage of attendees, sponsors and partners documentary style.
-    Videographer may request for a volunteer to help with interviewing participants at the event.
-    Your work will be posted to TEDxMcMasterU’s website and/or social media platforms to help encourage repeat attendance and sponsorship of the event in subsequent years.

-    If you are an established videography business, you will be formally recognized as an official partner of TEDxMcMasterU.

Position Requirements
-    1+ years of event videography and video editing experience.
-    Possesses an eye for detail, beauty, and a creative mind.
-    Demonstrated maturity and positive attitude.
-    Strong organizational skills and desire to put on a successful event.
-    Strong verbal and written communication skills.
-    Friendly, approachable, and collaborative personality.

Additional Application Instructions
-    In addition to submitting the standard application, please submit additional samples of your work to support your application, such as a link to your website, portfolio or Vimeo / YouTube account.

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