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Call for TEDx Speakers

Apply by October 13, 2019 to be considered.

Do you want to make a global impact?

Are you excellent at speaking in public?

Do you have an interesting story or ideas to share?

TEDxMcMasterU is looking for you.


The purpose of TEDxMcMasterU is to inform, to inspire, and to spark conversation. This non-profit event organized by volunteers is a unique opportunity for dynamic speakers to share their ideas and stories through an 18-minute live presentation. TEDx events are globally recognized, unique, and thought-provoking. 

The theme of the event is: AMBITION
We are seeking impactful and interesting speakers from any discipline to present an 18-minute talk on Friday December 13th, 2019. Dry run & technical testing will be held on Thursday December 12th, 2019. 

Your talk can be about anything, but it needs to be related to the theme, AMBITION. The talk should be thought-provoking, insightful, and shared in an engaging story-telling manner. No prior speaking experience or age requirement is imposed, only a passion for sharing your ideas. Applicants may be any member of the public, within or outside McMaster University.

Click here for examples of past TED talks delivered by Nobel laureates, leaders, politicians, and visionaries.

Application Requirements:
-    Submit a 1.5 minute (maximum length) video clip with the following:

o    Introduction to yourself
o    Explain how your presentation relates to the event’s theme: AMBITION
o    Present a sample segment of your presentation

-    Please share the video as an unlisted video on YouTube. It does not need to be produced at high quality, feel free to use your cell phone video camera. The intention is to get a sense for how you will present on stage, not how professionally you can edit or produce a video.

-    Click here for instructions on how to create an unlisted YouTube video

Your talk does not have to be finalized at this stage, but you should be able to share a general idea of what you would like to talk about. All speakers will be offered a complimentary ticket for full access to enjoy TEDxMcMaster. After the event, your talk will be published online by TED to a global audience.

We look forward to receiving your application. Thank you for your interest.

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