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Event Day Volunteer

Apply by October 13, 2019 to be considered.

-    We are seeking volunteers to help out with a recognized, thought-provoking and unique event – TEDxMcMasterU. The 2019 event’s theme is AMBITION.
-    TEDxMcMasterU is a great opportunity to gain reputable experience by participating in a meaningful community event with a globally recognized brand.
-    The event is entirely non-profit and organized by the passion of volunteers, including the executive committee. We are looking for additional volunteers who are interested in helping out in a variety of roles as below.
-    Volunteers will be required to attend at least one training session prior to event day.
-    Volunteers will be scheduled for shifts on event day (Friday December 13th), and/or on set-up / dry run day (Thursday December 12th) at times convenient for the volunteer.
-    All volunteers will receive complimentary admission to TEDxMcMasterU, enjoy the speakers and participate in the events of the day outside their volunteer shift hours.

-    Areas in need of volunteers are listed below. Volunteers may be assigned to any area. If you have a particular preference or aversion to an area, please let us know in your application.

Back of House Volunteer Areas – coordinated by Back of House Director


o    A/V support

    Assist as needed with lighting, mics, presentations, computers, screens, projectors, etc.


o    Talent management

    Help direct talent – where to go, where they can store their items, when they need to go on stage, etc.
    Assist performers, speakers, emcee with technical needs.

o    Photography & videography support

    Assist photographers and videographers as they may require. 
    E.g., videographer may want to document participants at the event and may require a volunteer to interview participants, documentary / reporter style. 

o    Hair & make up

    Assist with hair & makeup for presenters as needed. This position requires prior styling experience, please indicate how you meet this requirement in your application.

o    General back of house support

    Help set up / tear down of stage design as needed.
    Help set up / tear down A/V or stage related items for post-event social as needed.
    Any other general operations & logistics help that may be requested by the Back of House Director.

Front of House Volunteer Areas – coordinated by Front of House Director

o    Food & beverage 

    Help ensure buffet includes all items required, such as allergy signage, cutlery/plates, food & beverages.
    Help direct caterers on the day as needed with directions, set-up or tear-down.

o    Ushers

    Direct participants and speakers throughout the day, answer general questions about the schedule or where things are, assist with seating, help ensure food & beverage is not brought into the auditorium, help ensure that only registered participants are allowed into the event. 

o    Registration desk

    Assist with attendee registration, cross-reference attendees with guest list, hand out name tags and swag, assist with latecomer registration. 

o    Sponsors / partner booths

    Some sponsors / partners will be setting up a small booth outside the auditorium to showcase their organization.
    Assist sponsors / partners with the set-up of their booths.  

o    General front of house support

    Help set up / tear down tables outside the auditorium for registration, catering, meals, and partner/sponsors. 
    Help set up / tear down tables for post-event social.
    Any other general help that may be requested by the Front of House Director.

Position Requirements
-    Reliable, dependable and flexible individual.
-    Demonstrated maturity and positive attitude.
-    Strong verbal communication skills.
-    Friendly, approachable, and collaborative personality.
-    Prior volunteer or event experience is a bonus.

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