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Technical Support

Please refer to the tutorial videos & FAQ before contacting us.

Accessing the Event
Event Platform Tutorial
Frequently Asked Questions

Platform-Related Questions:

How do I join the event?

The email titled “Invitation to online event - TEDxMcMasterU 2021”, sent by McMaster University, is key to accessing the event. Click the “login & join event” to access the event! Please use the same email you were invited to the event with to register onto the platform (i.e. if you were sent the invite to your gmail, use your gmail when registering on the platform page).


I can't find my ticket email!  

Make sure you check your email junk or spam folders. The email came from McMaster University, with the subject line: “Invitation to online event - TEDxMcMasterU 2021”.


What browser do I need to access the event? 

We recommend you watch the event with the latest version of Google Chrome. 


I've checked everywhere, my ticket email is nowhere to be found! What do I do? 

No worries! Please email from the email you purchased your ticket with, and we will get back to you right away with a new link to the event. 


I keep getting kicked out of the event. What is going on? 

If you get bumped out of the event, it is most likely because you shared your unique ticket link with a colleague. Please note that only one person can use the link at a time!


I have no sound in the event! What do I do?  

  • Make sure your device volume is turned up and not muted.

  • Make sure your browser tab is not muted. Right-click the browser tab and click “Unmute Tab/Site


If that doesn't work, try the following:


  • Right-click the videos on stage and click “ShowControls”. Then click the Unmute icon to enable audio 

  • Try refreshing your browser, opening an incognito tab and re-entering the event using your link

  • Try joining the event on a different browser or computer


I can't see the video in the event!  

Your browser may be auto-blocking the video from playing. You can try the following options:

  • Right-click the video feeds (black boxes) on stage and click “Show Controls”. Then click the Play icon to enable video

  • Try refreshing your browser, opening an incognito tab and re-entering the event using your link

  • Try entering the event via a different browser or computer. Make sure you are joining the event on the latest version of Chrome

Agenda-Related Questions:

When does the event start?

The event starts at 3:00 PM EST!


Who is speaking at the event?

Check out our speaker lineup here.


What is the schedule for the event?

Check out our schedule here.


The event is quite long –– is there a break?

Yes! There are four breaks where you can ask speakers questions, go to a yoga-movement session, network with sponsors, or pop to the washroom.


Can I ask the Speakers questions?

Yes! During each fireside chat, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers. 


Can I watch a recording of the event after February 20th?

​The TEDxTalks will be uploaded to the TEDx youtube. Check back soon to see them uploaded. The February 20th experiences are for ticket holders on event day only. It is going to be an incredible afternoon!

If your issue persists, email

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