Front of House Director

Apply by August 14th 11:59 pm EST to be considered.

- Responsible for all front of house operations.
- Work closely with Marketing Director to design, produce and order front of house materials required for event day, including program brochure, signage, name tags, swag etc. 
- Responsible for coordinating and managing the set-up of signage and required tables the day before the event.
- Responsible for managing post-event happy hour / coffee social, including liaison with food & beverage vendors, signage, set-up and tear down.
- Responsible for managing registration process on event day.
- Coordinate with food and beverage vendors pre-event and on event day to finalize menus and the timing of meals. 
- Ensure caterer follows building administrator regulations with regards to exit & entry. Supervise vendors during set-up and tear down of buffet. 
- Ensure buffet includes all items required, such as allergy signage, cutlery/plates, food & beverages.
- Ensure sufficient tables have been ordered in advance and set up outside the auditorium for registration, catering, meals, and partner/sponsors. Some sponsors/partners will be setting up a small booth outside the auditorium to showcase their organization and will require a table for their booth.
- Ensure all TEDx and partner/sponsor signage adheres to building administrator regulations, e.g., cannot be stuck to walls.
- Train & manage front of house volunteers assisting with registration, ushers, partner booths, or food & beverage as needed.

Position Requirements
- Candidates with experience related to event planning will be highly considered.
- Demonstrated maturity and positive attitude.
- Strong organizational skills and desire to put on a successful event.
- Strong verbal and written communication skills.
- Friendly, approachable, and collaborative personality.

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February 2021

McMaster University

Hamilton, ON

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