Partnership Director

Apply by August 14th 11:59 pm EST to be considered.

- Develop and execute strategies to promote sponsorship recruitment and securing funding 
- Implement meaningful ways to engage sponsors, to align to their needs, and to encourage continued support for future local TEDx events.
- Raise sponsorship funds, in-kind donations, and to develop partner relationships
- Collaborate with and provide oversight for all team members.
- Encourage positive communication and teamwork among team and volunteers.
- Lead regular meetings with sponsorship team members to ensure challenges are promptly resolved and sponsorship planning activities are happening on schedule.
- Act as an ambassador of TEDxMcMasterU throughout the community of Hamilton and within McMaster University. 
- Liaise with corporations and local business as required for monetary sponsorships, as well as the development of public relations 
- Provide hands-on leadership on the actual day of the event.
- Ensure completion of post-event checklist for TED with team’s support (e.g. maintaining relationships with sponsors etc.)
- In accordance with the co-chairs, responsible for staying on budget, managing the overall finances and ensuring adequate sponsorships are secured for the event.
- Responsible for all post-event checklist activities mandated by the TED Organization
- Design sponsorship emails and sponsorship packages (with the help of design coordinator)
- Communicate with Events to brainstorm various ways for sponsors to get involved with the conference
- Manage the accounts/cheques/budget throughout the year 

Position Requirements

- Candidates with past experience with garnering sponsorships of $10,000+ will be highly considered. 
(Note: Goal for this year: $20 000 in sponsorship)
- Friendly, approachable, and collaborative personality.
- Demonstrated maturity and positive attitude.
- Strong organizational skills and desire to put on a successful event.
- Strong verbal and written communication skills.

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February 2021

McMaster University

Hamilton, ON

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